incisor process

incisor process
(ARTHROPODA: Crustacea)
The biting portion of the gnathal lobe of the mandible; pars incisiva.

Online Dictionary of Invertebrate Zoology. . 2005.

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  • incisor process — Biting portion of gnathal lobe of mandible. (Syn. pars incisiva) [McLaughlin, 1980]. Biting portion of gnathal lobe of mandible. (Syn. pars incisiva) [Moore and McCormick, 1969]. Cutting process on mandible; widely separated from molar or… …   Crustacea glossary

  • incisor — (Order Isopoda): Cutting process of the mandible, usually dentate, sometimes modified for piercing [Kensley and Schotte, 1989] …   Crustacea glossary

  • molar process — (Syn. incisor process) [Butler, T.H.]. A medial process of the mandible. In the plesiomorphic condition, it has a broad, distal, triturating surface with circumgnathal denticles, a posterior row of broad, setulate setae, and sensory pores on the… …   Crustacea glossary

  • Palatine process of maxilla — Infobox Bone Name = Palatine process of maxilla Latin = processus palatinus ossis maxillae, processus palatinus maxillae GraySubject = 38 GrayPage = 162 Caption = The bony palate and alveolar arch. (Palatine process labeled at bottom left.)… …   Wikipedia

  • lacinia mobilis — An enlarged, nearly articulated spine of the mandible s spine row that is adjacent to the incisor process. It is found only on the left mandible. On the right mandible, it is replaced by a large spine similar in shape to the more posterior… …   Crustacea glossary

  • mandible — Most anterodorsally situated of gnathal appendages; one, of a pair, of heavily calcified jaws; the teeth. [Hobbs and Jass, 1988]. On of the heavily calcified jaws lying anterior to (beneath, in ventral view) the other mouth parts but visible in… …   Crustacea glossary

  • pars incisiva — See: incisor process [Martin, 2005]. See: incisor process [McLaughlin, 1980]. (Order Cumacea): Incisor process [Stachowitsch, 1992]. (Order Decapoda): Incisor process [Stachowitsch, 1992] …   Crustacea glossary

  • mandibular spine row — A row of spine on the medial side of the mandible s incisor process. The lacinia mobilis on the left mandible is actually an enlarged member of the spine row [Wilson, 1989]. (Order Tanaidacea): In mandible, row of spine like projections between… …   Crustacea glossary

  • incisur — Terminal process of mandible, cutting blade, often toothed (more properly, incisor process). (Syn. incisor process) [Poore, 2004]. (Class Ostracoda): An anterior indentation (ranging from slight to deep and even slit like) of the valves of the… …   Crustacea glossary

  • lacinia mobilis — 1. (ARTHROPODA: Crustacea) A small, generally toothed process articulated with the incisor process of the mandible. 2. (ARTHROPODA: Insecta) A small movable lobe like process near the extremity of the mandible; a prostheca …   Dictionary of invertebrate zoology

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